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Dave 12/29/2014
"It arrived today and it looks great! Thank you so much!!"
Ronald 12/22/2014
"The bag arrived this afternoon, it look fabulous, many thanks. Cheers"
Sandra 12/18/2014
"Your bags are great btw! Best ones I have seen."
Lisa 12/5/2014
"Thank you so much! I got the bag, and it's perfect!"
Bettie Bam Bam 12/2/2014
"I got my bag today and I am so happy! Thought I'd send you a picture of it being used."
Bettie Bam Bam Bag
Viv Vicious 11/24/2014
"The derby bag has been received and I now have one happy derby player"
Viv Vicious Bag
Jeremy "Streak" 11/7/2014
"Red Reed bags are great most of Jacksonville have them."
Summer 11/7/2014
"I have the pink and black one It's the perfect bag! Ive had mine since last Christmas. They were brand new and advertising on the WFTDA championships! best bag I have ever used by far. Literally hold everything. Def worth the money!"
Shady Godiva 11/7/2014
"They last FOREVER!!!! I've had mine for 3 years now with absolutely no issues. Not even a thread coming undone. This season my Red Reed got me through an extremely busy travel season with TWO teams. It is 100% worth the investment."
B'Elanna Torrid11/7/2014
"Here is mine. Love it!"
B'Elanna Torrid Bag
Aaron 11/7/2014
"He doesn't go anywhere without it."
Aaron's Bag
James 9/2/2014
"They're worth every penny. I have the Major Back Block which is a bit bigger than the regular bag and it holds everything I need with space to spare."
Fancy 9/2/2014
"I have a red reed bag and love it. I travel often for derby and it's nice to be able to fit it under the seat in front of me. I don't keep my helmet in the bag, but it will fit. I just prefer to hang it outside of the bag. The quality is outstanding!! I know a lot of people that have these bags and I have only heard of one person needing a repair on a bag and Red Reed fixed it for them ASAP."
Molly 9/2/2014
"I love my Red Reed bag! Their customer service is top notch too. I accidentally slammed the buckle in my car door and it stopped fastening, and they sent me a new one"
Ellen 9/2/2014
"Regarding Red Reed quality, I changed my derby name since mine was embroidered and I am actually willing it to fall apart so I can justify replacing it - but not so much as a loose stitch after more than a year of toting it to 3 practices a week and travel. I even went a little nutty with light colors (hot pink and white) and it still looks like new."
Jessy 9/2/2014
"Love my red reed bag! picked it up a couple years ago at rollercon and it still looks and works like brand new. It's the perfect bag for traveling, and it fits everything I need and then some. I like that the sides are mesh so it airs out all of my gear. Nothing is stinky and wet days later. The side pockets are perfect for holding mouth guards or extra cash (I keep a stash in case I forget dues), and the D hooks on the straps are super helpful for clipping on my keys so I don't lose them.
I like to travel with my skates and I sometimes use this bag as a carry on! That way I can fit my clothes in the main section, and my skates on the outside. Keeps everything nice and compact and it's a great conversation starter."
Tera Bites 3/2/2014
"Another vote for Red Reed here. I've had mine for a couple of years now and I can fit all of my gear, a big knee brace and a change of clothes/extra jerseys for tournament days. And yes, helmet is inside."
Lei Toro 1/13/2014
"red reed bag fits with airplane carry on travel, super comfortable and can be custom. I have my name, league logo it is all purple with Leppard trim. All my gear has a place including the little tools, wheels, month guard and water bottle! Love"
Kiki 1/13/2014
"Love my Red Reed Bag!"
Lisa 12/25/2013
"We're on break right now, so I've only used it once, but so far I love it. The main compartment fits all my pads and hockey helmet with a little room to spare. There's a bag smaller compartment inside it that fits a full set of wheels, but I have tools and other small items in there right now. I suspect I will actually put wheels in it when I travel…….. One of my teammates pointed out that many of us pay that price for good luggage that is rarely used. We use our skate bags 4-5 days a week, at least!."
Lisa's Bag

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